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Avtech 2000 Courses can be part of a resettlement package for military personnel


Our Learning Provider number is 1009.

HM Forces

Members of HM Forces find Avtech 2000 courses valuable as a means of obtaining a worthwhile civilian aviation qualification. 


This may be paying for the course themselves and being reimbursed by their employer or as part of their Resettlement programme or by using their Enhanced Learning Credits.


You should allow four weeks for one of the advanced courses, plus extra time if Aviation Foundation Studies are required.



Enhanced Learning Credits can be used to study Airline Operations & Dispatch or Airport Operations as they are a Level 3 Qualification on the National Qualifications Framework.


Before applying for ELC approval, please contact Avtech 2000, for a price which includes the City & Guilds examination fees.


AVTECH 2000 Meadowbrook, Bolebroke Estate, Hartfield, East Sussex, TN7 4JJ. Tel/Fax:+44 (0)1892 770250